About Editions 6489

Sharing stories. Telling truths. Changing worlds.

Éditions 6489 is a fiercely independent publishing house that is proud to share stories that tell truths and change worlds. We work with authors and creators who are writing and creating books and publications that are provoking or challenging dominant ideas.

Our vision is simple: to be a place where creators who are driven to make a difference can share their stories and ideas.

As a publishing house that specialises in controversial and thought-provoking authors and publications, we are determined to make a difference through our work and with our creators and authors.

A Unique Approach

We believe in doing things differently.

We specialize in small run publications that are truly independent. We work with authors and content creators to develop engaging and appealing publications, and publish and help promote the work. We’re not a large publishing house. We build on the the strengths of our authors and content creators and their work, and we find innovative and creative ways to professionally bring their work to a larger market.

We’re not a big corporation. We are nimble, and we take different approaches to our goals: small-run prints, co-publishing with our authors, handmade or artisan chapbooks, and more. Our catalogue is unique in the world, and we’re proud of it.